Chopin, Kate: Désirée`s Baby - an alternative ending

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Désirée s Baby- Alternative Ending ...But, above all, she wrote, night and day, I thank the good God for having so arranged our lives that our dear Armand will never know that his mother, who adores him, belongs to the race that is cursed with the brand of slavery. Armand stared at the letter. Very slowly his face lost all its color. He could not believe what he saw there. It is not true, it is not true... It cannot be so. I do not believe it. I will not believe it. She cannot be a... No That means I... No, never His breath became short-winded and he pressed his hands against his face. I have to leave. Go somewhere. Anywhere Just away from here. A little aside from the others he sat down on a stone and took out the letter. His eyes rushed over the piece without reading a single word. No-one must ever have to know about this. I will continue to live the life I ve lived before. This paper must be burned. No-one will ever discover my little secret and my life can continue.. and.. Suddenly Armand heard a noise behind him. He flipped around. Caught up with thoughts he had not heard the nine-year-old son of his neighbor approaching. The boy was standing next to him, just reading the letter, which Armand still held clutched in his right hand. Is it true? For a short moment of total helplessness Armand was not able to answer this question. Then he panicked. No, no, it is not true Do not tell anyone about this letter Did you hear me? Do not tell anyone While almost screaming the ...

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