History of New York City

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N.Y.C.-History Today we want to give you some information about the city of the cities - New York. New York City is located on the Eastern Atlantic coast of the United States. Dutch founded New York in the year 1624, it wasn´t very big in that time. The first name of this city was New Amsterdam . In 1664 it was claimed by the British and was called New York furthermore it was the first capital before Washington D.C. There are so many differences and it is the 5 th avenue, the streets full of corners in Greenwich Village, the hopelessness in the Bronx and hundreds of square-miles of extra ordinary wealthy suburbs which made New York to that city that it is today. Although New York is the most famous city and for European people it is a door to the incredible dimensions of America. From 1882 to 1954 nearly 16 million people past through the famous immigration gates on Ellis Island, N.Y..Today Ellis Island is a museum and it explains so well the melting pot that formed the unique character of N.Y. and the nation . Because of the permanent stream of immigration in New York exists a very big variety of ethnic groups. There live Jews, Swedish, people from Texas etc. Every third inhabitant is born abroad. Today nearly 23 million tourists visit the Big Apple every year and more than 8 million people live here. Big Apple is a synonym for a city where live many different nationalities. Little Italy, Chinatown or Harlem are only the most famous ethnic districts. But many others and ...

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