Cross, Gillian: Chartbreak

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Cross, Gillian: Chartbreak
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Chartbreak by Gillian Cross Gillian Cross has been writing children s books for over twenty years.- Before that, she tool English degrees at Oxford and Sussex Universities; and she has done various jobs, including working in a village bakery , and being an assistant of Member of Parliament. She is married with four children and lives in Warwickshire. Her hobbies include orienteering and playing the piano. The main characters: Janis Mary Finch: a 16 year old girl, who has troubles at home and meets Kelp and joins the band. Christie Joyce: the lead singer and boss from Kelp Rollo: is the drummer of the band Dave: is the guitarist of the band Job: plays the keyboard Himmler: is the friend of her mother, Janis hates him The Plot: The book is about Janis Mary Finch, she is 16 years old and lives with her mother in a small house in Birmingham together with the friend of her mother, Himmler who is hated by Janis because she wants her mum for her own. One day they have an argument again and Janis runs out of the house and goes to her favourite café. She takes her last money to buy a coffee and sit down. Suddenly four boys come in and one of them looks really frightening, he stares at the people until they can t bear it any longer, but when he stares at Janis she stands his evil eye and that fascinates the boys. They sit next to her and tell her that they have a band called Kelp and want to know more about the girl who stands Christies evil eye. Janis tells them that she can sing ...

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