Miller, Arthur: All my Sons

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All My Sons by Arthur Miller Author: Arthur Miller was born in Manhattan in 1915 to a Jewish father and received only little education because he had to help his father. After some failed attempts he was admitted to the University of Michigan, where he became interested in literature. Soon he began to write himself and his first famous play and breakthrough was All My Sons , performed on Broadway in 1947. In 1956 he secretly married Marilyn Monroe and in 1961 he got a divorce from her. There are two other plays that are very famous: Death of a Salesman and The Crucible The play deals with the lives of two families, in the time after the Second World War. Joe Keller, married to Kate and father of two sons, Chris and Larry, possesses an enterprise, which produces cylinder heads for P-40 aeroplanes. Joe has a partner, Frank Deever, father of Ann and George, and during the Second World War the U.S army ordered a lot of cylinder heads. George discovered that some of the cylinders were not faultless and asked Joe what to do. Joe said that he should repair the cylinder heads and send them to the army. Forty aeroplanes crashed down because of the cracked cylinder heads and Frank was arrested. Joe was not arrested because he said that he had never known anything about cracked cylinder heads. Both of his sons were drafted and Larry died in the war. Ann Deever was Larry s girlfriend but after the War she falls in love with Chris, Larry s brother. George has become a lawyer and he is ...

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