Greene, Graham: The Third Man

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Graham Greene: THE THIRD MAN The story is narrated by Calloway who reconstructs his police files. Rollo Martins travels after World War II to Vienna to visit his old school friend Harry Lime, who had invited him to Austria to report on international refugees. When arriving, Martins finds out that his friend was run over by a car and died. At Lime s funeral he meets Colonel Calloway who states that Lime was the worst racketeer in Vienna who would have been arrested if he had not been killed. Martins dissents from Calloway because he always regarded Lime as a hero and as an idol. Martins cannot prove it, because he has to leave Vienna the next day for lack of money. At his hotel Martins is taken for Benjamin Dexter, a writer, by Crabbin, therefore he gets a room for one week plus expenses, but he must host a lecture and literary discussion. He starts his own inquiry. At first he meets Kurtz in a cafe who explains the accident but Martins is not satisfied, he thinks Lime was murdered. Rollo visits Anna Schmidt in the Josefstadt Theatre. They talk about the relationship between her and Harry, and about the people who saw the accident After that, he visits the doctor to question him, but gets no information. He can only give evidence about the cause of death. At Lime s apartment he meets Koch who reveals that he is a witness who did not give evidence. He claims that there was a third man whom he could not identify. Martins wants Koch to give evidence but he refuses to do it. ...

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