Lodge, David: Nice Work

David Lodge, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Lodge, David: Nice Work
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Work (by David Lodge) Author: David Lodge was born in London in 1935. He was in the British Army. In 1960 he retired to become a full time writer.He wrote many successful novels and essays. Other books: Small World How far can you go? 1st book: Victor Wilcox is maried. He is a business man and he has got three children ( Raymond, Gary and Sandra;). This morning he is waiting for the beep of his clock at 6.45. His wife Marjorie is in the menopause. After he has been in the bathroom, he goes into the kitchen to prepare breakfast and to smoke his first cigarette. Vic is a managing director at J. Pringle´s. They get the newspaper delivered every day. On this morning Vic complains about how Marjorie brings up Sandra ( You treat her like a doll ). Marjorie also wants to have a microwave and Vic allows it. At 7.40 Vic leaves home. He likes his way to work, because he can relax in his car with music by Carly Simon, Diana Ross or Sade and Jennifer Rush. On his way to work he also passes a town called Dark country. It has got its name because of its environment (much smog) and because of its inhabitants (most of them are immigrants from India, Pakistan or the Carribean). When he arrives at the factory where he works, the two receptionists Doreen and Lesley and his secretary welcome him. (her name is Shirley;) Robyn Penrose was born in Australia as Roberta Anne Penrose. She left Australia when she was five years old. Today she is about 33 and she is a temporary lecturer in English ...

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