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Magna Charta libertatum Magna Charta: The Magna Charta was signed on the 15 June 1215 at the meadow of Runnymede (near Windsor). It was the first agreement, which restricted the rights of the king. This agreement helped the clergymen and the barons to be save of the voluntary interventions of king John. It consisted of 63 articles(originals are in the British museum and the Salisbury cathedral). John Ohneland(1199-1216)had a disagreement with the pope Innozenz III, because John didn t accept the archbishop Stephen Langton. That lead to an interdict and a banishment. At least the pope offered Philip II Augustus of France the crown of England. In the meantime John lost all of his possessions in France. He wanted to strengthen his army(especially his mercenary troops), too, but however he overstepped his financial requirements although his careful savings. Then the king and the barons lost their feudal laws(rights of investiture) and as John heard what the pope did(offered Phillip the crown) all three social classes allied and the king signed the Magna Charta. But just under Edward I the M.C. found its inner peace and could spread out. A lot of interpretations were made and some of them you can find in the actual constitution. Vocabulary index: aristocrats Adelige clergymen Geistliche cradle Wiege imposed belegt sein possession Besitztümer mercenary troops Söldnertruppen malevolence Mißgunst complain beschweren, klagen intervention Engreifen feudal laws Lehensrechte negotiate ...

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