Greene, Graham: The Destructors

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THE DESTRUCTORS By Graham Greene PLACE; TIME AND MAIN CHARACTERS: The story takes place in Great Britain, more precisely somewhere in London. It happens on a Bank Holiday during the second world war. The most important persons are the members of a gang called the Wormsley Common Gang. Their leader is a boy whose name is Blackie. The boy who has been admitted in the gang as the latest is Trevor. When Trevor says his name, everybody laughs. The gang calls him only T. , so everybody has no excuse to laugh at it. T. is a very silent person who almost only says yes or no. Last but not least, there is an old man, Mr.Thomas.The gang has given him the name Old Misery. He lives in his ramshackle house, which has been damaged by a bomb. But Old Misery is too mean to spend money on it. That is why he is called like this by the gang. SUMMARY: One morning, the gang meets in an impromptu car park. T. isnt there, but the others begin with the usual voting about the days exploit. A bit later, he joins them and to the others amazement, he begins to tell them that he has been at Old Miserys. He recounts that he rang the bell and that he said to Old Misery he wanted to see his house. After that Old Misery showed him his old house . He tells them he has found out that Old Misery is going to be away on Bank Holiday. Blackie proposes they could break in the house and steal something. But T. has a better idea: He says that they will destroy it And they will do it so that no one can see anything ...

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