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FORMULA 1 HOW YOU COME TO FORMULA 1 ? The most Formula 1 driver drive first in other Formulas like Formula Ford, Formula 3 , Formula 3000, Formula Opel Lotus, Indy Car and Champ Car. Many Formula 1 driverare 23 and older. The weight of them must be under 80 kg. The total weight of the driver and the car should have 600 kg. THE COST OF A FORMULA 1 CAR: - Wind tunnel 3 Billions -tyres 200 000 -transmission 3 Millions - seat 40 000 The total cost are 7 Billions. DRIVERSPAY: the richest driver is Michael Schumacher. In the year he earns 700 Millions. The two- time champion Mika Hakkinen earns 105 Millions. BOXENSTOP: In the boxencrew there are 21 people. The crew must come in the boxenstreet 40 seconds before the driver comes in. The pilot come in the boxenstreet and must stand in front of the Lollipop. A man lifts of the car and the petrol pump attendantfills the petrol into the tank. The four tyres are dismanteled by men and new tyres are put on. The Lollipop is turned over and the driver drivs away. The boss of the Formula 1 is Bernie Eccelstone. The FIA is relevant for the saftey of the drivers. TEAMS: The top teams are McLaren- Mercedes and Ferrari. Other teams in the Formula 1 are Jordan, Williams, Benetton, Stewart, BAR, Sauber, Minardi, Prost and Arrows. The Austrians in the Formula 1 are: Jochen Rindt Niki Lauda Gerhard Berger Alexander Wurz alle wichtigen Daten zum Thema Formel 1 sind im Referat verarbeitet - um das Referat sinnvoller zu gestalten, wären eine ...

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