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The Wave by Morton Rhue JThe Author When the film had been a great success the author Morton Rhue was asked to write a book according to the film. This novel was published in 1981 as The Wave by Morton Rhue. The author, Morton Rhue, published it under the pseudonym Todd Strasser had become famous for some youth novels. JSummary In a history-lesson the teacher Ben Ross showed a film about Hitler and his German youth movement. The pupils who attended Mr. Ross class could not believe that it was possible to manipulate such a number of people. Many of the teenagers who took part in this lesson were discussing the topic for quite a long time. So Ben began to think about the behavior of these people who lived 50 years ago. Was it so unintelligible? To get an answer to this question he started an experiment. He wanted to prove that every human being could be influenced and manipulated by a strong and authoritarian leader. So Ben illustrated the situation to the pupils by a little experiment. He wrote on the blackboard : STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE and he started to give the teenagers certain commands. The children were interested in the solidarity and so Ben went on with his test. The next slogan he put up was :STRENGTH THROUGH COMMUNITY . With these two rules the pupils got the feeling that they were all acting like one single person. Even outsiders like Robert were integrated in the group and so a real organization was built up. Mr. Ross decided to call it THE WAVE. He even ...

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