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- CANADA - Population 34 of the people who live in Canada are of British or part - British origins. -- 28 - French or part - French origins; In Quebec: 78 per cent are French - speaking Canadians; other mostly - French territories: New Brunswick, Ontario -- The government follows the policy of a bilingual and bicultural nation -- Altogether, the indigenous people of Canada (people of Canadian origins) are divided into nearly 600 groups or bands; blacks make up less than 2 per cent -- Nearly 17 of Canadians were not born in Canada Religion -- Roman Catholics (nearly half of the Catholics live in Quebec; most of the French - speaking people are of this confession) -- Protestants (United Church of Canada ; Anglican Church of Canada) -- Other Religions (Presbyterian, Lutheran, Babtist,...) Education -- Each province is allowed to have its own school system. There is no central ministry of education. -- Most of the private schools run by church -- after secondary school: - university (still predominant; cheaper than other institutions of higher education) - community colleges (number of these has increased sharply in recent decades) Health and Welfare -- Every provincial government has the major responsibility for education and health services in Canada. -- The federal government gives aid to special groups, such as First nations (indegenous people), veterans and new immigrants. Legislature and Judicary -- The Canadian Legislature consists of two houses: - the Senate (104 ...

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