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Music in New York Music in historycal facts In the first 100 years after the establishment of new york no music was popular Maybe Church service were with music 1742 the first Organ was in NY 21.01.1736 was the first publicly concert songs were with Harpsichord, Flute, Violin 1750 the first Opera in the Nassau Street 1753 the first Choral in the Trinity Church 1825 italian and german Operas in Original for example Rossini and Mozart Musical in the middle of the 19 century H.F. Gilbert und Sullivans Operettas on the Broadway very popular since 1890 Musical Comedy was more popular in the theatres on the broadway came a more standardizes musical songs of these Dramatic work became hits in the USA works from european Composers ,for example VERMON DUKE were very popular in the early 20 century these composers made the big part of the entertainment music durch Zusammenarbeit von R.Rogers und Osacr Hammerskin II entstand nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg eine Reihe von Musicals for example Oklahoma, The King and other after 1950 the musicals became a denser concentration by arising COUNTRYMUSIC, RAP, RocknRoll determined musical no longer the American music scene Musicals were no longer popular,cause of the cinema and the tv Musicals became more expensive Some rescued them selves onto the Broadway Since 1980 american Musicals were displaced by british ones Jazz In the 20th century most of the black population lived in Harlem Black Artists and composers were used increase the musical ...

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