Redrawing the Map of Canada

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REDRAWING THE MAP OF CANADA by Margaret Davis, Spotlight 4 99 On the 1st of April the former Northwest Territories in the North of Canada have been split in two by the creation of a territory called Nunavut in the eastern and a nameless one in the western Artic. So the Inuit people of the east finally got their own territory, which is the largest aboriginal settlement of its kind in Canadian history. The 24,655 inhabitants of whom 85 per cent are Inuit, call their land Nunavut (our land in the Inuit language of Inuktitut). It covers an area of 2.2 million square kilometres and the capital Iqaluit is situated on Baffin Island. Although Canadians seem to be tolerant as well in racial as cultural matters, there have been mistakes made in the last century. In 1927 for example Canada s native people were forbidden to speak their native languages as well as practise their traditional religions. And since the 1940 s Indian and Inuit children were taken to residential schools where they got punishment for speaking only a single word of their native language. Canadian aboriginals didn t get the right to vote in federal elections until 1960 Nowadays self-confident native people are fighting for their rights. The Nunavut Land Claims Agreement (1993) provides for that the inhabitants will receive 1.14 C within the next 14 years. In spring 1999, first elections were held. The new legislature in Iqaluit will have no political parties because its 19 members will govern by consensus. Peter ...

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