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Environment problems: -energy- Almost every day we can hear or read about new environment problems in our country. The world we live in is not what it was a few hundred years ago. The first thing to point out is, that there are not only the cars, which pollute the air. There are many other facts too. For example the industry. There are so many old factories which produce waste, gases and sewage. But until now it is not possible to produce important things for the people, without producing exhaust. Another example are the power stations. In former times we got our energy from coal power stations. But then the people realized, that this way to produce energy is very dirty . Then the scientists found another way: Nuclear power stations. So, many old power stations were replaced by new ones. But nearly every new invention has his disadvantage, too. For example the disaster in Tschernobyl. When the people saw this on TV or read about it in newspapers, many of them were against this method at once. Moreover, this argument against nuclear power plans cannot be ignored. So the scientists had to look for something else. Then they invented clean energy : solar energy, hydroelectric power stations and wind power stations should solve the problem. But mostly they did not produce enough energy for big factories or cities. So finally, we must ask ourselves whether we should use coal- or nuclear power, because no one wants to sacrifice on energy from the socket. One should always remember ...

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