History of Northern Ireland Conflict

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History of Northern Ireland Conflict The roots of the trouble in Northern Ireland date far back in History. In 900 BC the Celts invad Ireland and bring their language and culture with them from Europe and impose the them so thoroughly on the natives that not a scrap of tradition remains from those earlier inhabitants. To understand the susequent development of the Irish mind it is essential to grasp at the start that the Celts were never a political nation. They had always lived in loosely- joined communities, without any political sense of cohesion between one community and the next, fatally lacking in that power to unite firmly, which distinguished the romans, whose farthest-flung outpost in Britain and Iberia always looked to and were governed from their imperial capital. This individualism of the Celts was to continue in Ireland for many certuries and is a key to many of Ireland?s later political weaknesses. The patriotic Irish view of the conquer of Ireland by colonizing Britain is that their civilization was finally destroyed by a more efficient and ruthless military organisation. Perhaps it would be more correct to say that the consolidated Tudor state was too strong an opponent for Irish regionalism. The Irish did not start fighting before it was too late and - as the system dictated - every man for his own horizon. In the 17th century the British Government imposes an alien ruling class - Scotish Protestants- on the native Catholics. These colonies are called ...

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