Some interesting facts about sleeping and dreams

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Some interesting facts about sleeping and dreams: On average you need 2 minutes to fall asleep. Most people dream 5 times a night, humans will have about 136,000 dreams in a lifetime, spending the equivalent of six years in a REM sleep dream state. Women usually dream much more passive than men do. Students who study and get some good REM sleep retain the information better and longer periods of time students who study longer, but have no sleep. On average people change their position while sleeping from 40 to 70 times. By recording tapes it is possible to learn while sleeping. 40 of the people dream in colour, only 23 report on black-white dreams. For a newborn, REM sleep constitutes 50 of sleep. At adolescence it decreases to 20 to 25 and during old age even to 18 . Mentally retarded and those with extremely low IQ spend less time in REM sleep than normal subjects do. Nightmares get rarer the older people grow. Sensual input while sleeping is incorporated into dreams. Most notable, while sleeping, you hear as well as while waking. Some studies indicate that girls have more pleasant dreams than boys have. One study found out that children in India tend to dream about food more often than do children in the United States. ...

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