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Wallace and Gromit As you see this speech will be about Wallace and Gromit. At first I want to tell you something about Aardman Animations and Nick Park who created them and how Wallace&Gromit are made.. Then I want to introduce the characters of the three Wallace&Gromit films and I will give you a quick summary of the stories of the films. In the end I will show you a little excerpt from The wrong trousers . Aardman Animations was founded by David Sproxton and Peter Lord. They met at school and started to animate films in their spare time. Their first film was about a nerdish superman character called Aardman. This film was bought by the BBC. After this Aardman Animations was founded in 1972. Today Ardman Animations is recognised as the world s leading model animation studio. It houses the talents of many young directors producing animated television series, short films and TV commercials. Nick Park is the creator of Wallace and Gromit. He was born in Preston, Lancashire in 1958. He became interested in animation while still at school and started making films in his parents attic at the age of 13. Nick completed a BA degree in Communication Arts at Sheffield Art School in 1980 and in the same year went on to study animation at the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield. While at the film school Nick began work on A Grand Day Out . In February 1985 Nick joined Aardman Animations. While employed at Aardman Animations, Nick has worked as Director and Animator on ...

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