Living in a City

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I like the country life. I really enjoy living in our small town, which still counts to a countrified area. I m quite happy here. But if I d pass my exams, I ll be forced to move to a city. There are more job prospects than in the country. There s just one disadvantage in it: The ever-increasing overpopulation in cities, develops a higher unemployment rate. But in many cases you must pull forward living in a city to living in the country, because there are lots of chances. Beginning with cultural institutions to mounds of foreign embassy buildings, which importance are going up by time. Quite often the country life turns into city life. Sometimes danger by lack of spaces takes place. For example Vorarlberg: On only 11 percents of the area there are 80 percents of the population. What s that? I m asking you. An agrarian country, or a ghetto, for industrial business? Now, I d like to state some points of view, which shows in what a hurly-burly of urban time of space we re living. Some might say, that the catchwords of the spirit of the times like individualism and distraditionalism characterize living in a city today. I mean they signalize much more the frightness, that the population could lose all conjunctures. You ll know the apocalyptical diagnoses in professional matter of fastness, whether of the sociologist Gerhard Schulze or the theorist Vittorio M. Lampugnano, who sees the cities running down to anarchist dump themselves destroying and completely beside of solution. ...

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