Hinton, S. E.: The Outsiders

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THE OUTSIDERS by S.E.Hinton Characters: - Ponyboy Curtis: He is 14 years old, has very good grades at school. He got put up a year in grade school. He likes movies and books, not so as his friends. He has light brown - almost red - hair. They are long at the front and sides and he is very proud of them. - Soda Curtis: He is 16 years old. He does never drink alcohol, although nearly everyone in the neighbourhood drinks. He dropped out of school. He isnt as strict to his little brother as Darry is. - Darrel Curtis: He is 20 years old, but he looks much older. His nickname is Darry. A lot of people think that he is grown up too fast, because when their parents died in an accident, he had to care for his smaller brothers. He left school, although he would have been able to visit a college and a university, because they needed money and he wanted a better future for Pony. He cares especially for him - maybe a little bit too strict - because sometimes Pony thinks that Darry doesnt love him. Now Darry works at two jobs. He is broad-shouldered, muscular and about six-feet-two high. He is very proud of his muscles. - Steve Randle: He is 17 years old, tall and lean. He has thick greasy hair, which he kept combed in complicated swirls. He looks cocky and smart. Steve is Sodas best buddy since grade school. His speciality are cars. He is able to drive everything on wheels. - Two-Bit-Mathew: He is the oldest of the gang, about 1,8 meters, stocky in build and very proud of his long ...

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