HIV and Aids

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Hello Madam and guys. We proudly present our speech about HIV and AIDS. We will also tell you something about protection against this illness, its history, modern researches and help for aids-patients. At the end we have got a quiz, so listen carefully to us, then you will be able to answer our questions easily and you will also win a little price Most people think that it`s the same to be HIV positive and to have AIDS. That`s not true. If you are positive the virus is in your blood but this doesn`t mean that you are ill so far. You can be HIV positive for a lot of years and you must not mind it, because the virus spreads out very slowly. You generally speak about AIDS when you are fallen ill with more ordinary illnesses like sniffles or the flu because of your acquired immune deficiency. Now I want to tell you more about the HI-Virus. HIV means Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The virus in an infected person starts to grow and the organism starts to produce antibodies. But they can`t recognize the alien element and so the virus forces its way into the antibody and destroys it. The HI-Virus isn`t very resistant against external influences for example it can`t survive in normal air. Therefore the virus can only be transmitted in endogenous liquids except sputum, tear liquid, urine and sweat. In these liquids the HIV was found but there is no known case of a transmission. There are four important points where the danger of an infection is very high: At first, as you know, sex. ...

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