Hemingway, Ernest: Fiesta - The Sun Also Rises

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Hemingway, Ernest: Fiesta - The Sun Also Rises
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Englisch-Heimlektüre Fiesta-The Sun Also Rises Ernest Hemingway Jake Barnes is the narrator and the hero of the novel. The other main characters are Robert Cohn, Lady Ashley, Bill Gorton and Mike Campbell. Jake and Robert were together in Princeton. Cohn is a member of one of the richest Jewish families in New York. Jake describes him as a very shy, friendly and nice person. After Princeton Robert married and became father of three children. Five years later his wife left him and Robert went with Frances, his new girlfriend, to Paris where he met Jake Barnes. Jake works for a newspaper and Robert is a successful writer of novels. Lady Ashley is also one of the main characters. She is a very beautiful woman of the age of thirty-four. Some years before Jake fell in love with Brett and is still powerfully in love with her. Brett loves him too but she does not want to have a relationship with him because he is impotent. Both Brett and Jake know that any relationship beyond a friendship cannot be pursued. Despite Brett s love for Jake, she is engaged to marry Mike Campbell. Mike is a nice man but he cannot control himself when he gets drunk. Cohn has also a short affair with Brett. He is very proud of it and he believes that they are destined for ideal love. But Brett just used Cohn to satisfy her sexual cravings. Robert ignores the truth and continues to love Brett. The situation is very complicated because Robert, Jake and Mike love Brett. One day the group of friends and ...

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