Hinton, S. E.: The Outsiders

Greasers, movie house, rival gang, killer, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Hinton, S. E.: The Outsiders
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S. E. HINTON The Outsiders Ponyboy is fourteen years old and the member of a gang called Greasers. When he is on his way home from the movie house, some guys of the rival gang, called the Socs, attack him. They threaten him with a knife and he is really scared to death. Fortunately his brothers, Darry and Soda, arrive and rescue him. Darry accuses Ponyboy of being so silly to walk home alone... The next time when Ponyboy watches a movie with his gang - brothers Jonny and Dally, he meets Marcia and Cherry, two girls whose boyfriends belong to the Socs. Ponyboy is aware of the fact that Cherry is a member of the rival gang, but he develops a trusting relationship to her. One day, Ponyboy comes home late in the evening. Darry is very worried and is about to call the police, when Ponyboy arrives. He shouts at Ponyboy who desperately decides to run away. On his way, the boy meets Jonny who decides to leave together with Ponyboy, because the sixteen-year-old Jonny is ignored by his parents at home and thus very sad. Suddenly some drunk Socs approach them and start a fight. Bob, a Soc (by the way, the boyfriend of Cherry), is nearly drowning Ponyboy in a fountain and Jonny, who has been wearing a knife since some Socs beat him up a few months ago, stabs Bob to defend himself against these brutal Socs. Panic rises up in Ponyboy and Jonny and thats why they flee and call Dally for help. Dally is like the bad guy of the Greasers. He has done all sorts of crime, has also been in jail ...

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