Lingard, Joan: Across the Barricades

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ACROSS THE BARRICADES By Joan Lingard The Author Joan Lingard was born in Edinburgh but grew up in Belfast, where she lived until she was eighteen. She began writing when she was eleven, and has never wanted to be anything other than a writer. She is the author or more than twenty novels for younger people and twelve for adults. Joan Lingard has three grown-up daughters and now three grandchildren, and lives in Edinburgh with her Latvian Canadian husband. The Story This is the second of Joan Lingard s stories about the young Belfast couple Kevin McCoy and Sadie Jackson. They are now seventeen years old and live still in two different worlds. Sadie s family is protestant. She and her brother Tommy were taught by their father that Billy King is the good man and the bad one is the Pope. Billy King s real name is William of Orange, a Protestant who fought against the Catholics under James II in 1690. The Twelfth is the Protestant s day of celebration and remembrance. Kevin lives with his sister Brede, other six siblings and with his pregnant mother and his father in the catholic streets of Belfast. They are strictly catholic and their head is the Pope. Both groups hate each other, which we can see when we look at the political situation in Northern Ireland. Kevin meets Sadie on the street after a long time ago. They haven t seen each other for nearly three years. In the first few weeks they kept in close contact but after some time they lost sight of each other. After talking ...

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