The development of letters and books

Referat, Hausaufgabe, The development of letters and books
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E n g l i s h - s p e e c h : TOPIC: The development of letters and books Christian Hohenegger 5.HBa (1996 97) Mag. E. Schaludek-Paletschek 1 Table of contents: 2 Introduction: In this speech the two main topics I am going to deal with are letters and books. I want to give a brief survey of the history of development. First of all, I will explain the status that letters and books have achieved over time. Today letters and books are a matter of course. Nearly everyone in the industrial countries is able to read and write. Even children at the age of six years are learning how to read and write letters. It is one of the most important skills in their lives that they are learning in the first year of their school education. If you were not able to write or read, you would certainly not survive in today´s world. The development of books marks a milestone in our evolution. Before that, you had to believe what the oldest people told you about the time before. So you could only learn as much as they were able to remember about the past. The development of the books enabled new possibilities. In books you could restore knowledge for yourself and succeeding generations. So further inventions could be made because scientists could continue the work of someone else without knowing him. Another advantage was that knowledge was available to all people who were interested in it. Through books, information could be spread to a wider audience. Today you are able to find books about almost ...

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