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The Rolling Stones Today I´m going to talk about the best Rock ´n´ Roll group ever, the Rolling Stones. The group members (now) are: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts & Ronnie Wood (Ian Stewart, Brian Jones & Mick Taylor were members too, but they are not anymore in the band). The Rolling Stones have taken their name from a Muddy Waters song called Rollin´ Stone Blue. The Rolling Stones have had longer than 30 years gigs and concerts. Keith Richards and Mick Jagger founded the Band 1962, in this year the two friends and schoolmates have found a name too THE ROLLING STONES From this point on, the History of the Stones started. In 1963 Charlie Watts has joined the Stones and played his first gigs. He also started the Would you let your daughter marry a Rolling Stone presse campaign. The first Top 10 entry of the Stones was in 1964 with their Album Not Fade Away. It hit No. 3 in the Charts. In June of 1964 the Album It´s all over now became the first No. 1 and gold record. In August 1965 the Stones made one of their most popular songs: (I can´t get no) Satisfaction. 1967 the Stones toured through Europe. Brian left the Stones on June 8, cause he wanted to form a new group. One month later he died because of drugs. The new guitarist was Mick Taylor who has played in John Mayall´s bluesbreakers. 1972 the Stones started a tour in the U.S.A. which was a great Success. 1974 Mick left the Stones like Brian 5 years before. In the June of 1980 the Single Emotional Rescue ...

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