Laurents, Arthur: West Side Story

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West Side Story The book was written by Arthur Laurents and the music was composed by Leonard Bernstein. I think most of you know the film or the book and the important characters.But I will give you anyway a short view about them. There are twogangs: The Jets (Americans) and the Sharks(Puerto Ricans) THE JETS:Riff ...the leader Tony....his friend Their girlfriends: Graziella , Velma, Minnie, Clarica, Anybodys Action A-Rab Clarice Baby John THE SHARKS: Bemardo ...the leader Their girlfriends: Anita , Rosalia, Francisca, Estella, Marguerita, Trestita Maria ...his sister Chino ...his friend Pepe Indio Luis Other important characters: Doc ...has a drugstore Schrank. inspector Summarv: The story starts with a fight between the Jets and the Sharks.But they have to stop because Schrank comes and warns.them. The Jets decide that they will fight for their street. They want to meet the Sharks at Docs at midnight after the dance in the gym. Riff persuades Tony to come although he has stopped to be a Jet. He works at the drugstore. Tony knows that something will happen with him and someone else. Maria is also allowed to go to the dance.Its the first time for her. At the gym she gets to know a lot of new people. Suddenly she sees Tony and reverse.They dance together and Tony kisses her. But then Bemardo sees them and takes Maria horne. At midnight the Jets wait for the Sharks. They want to decide the weapons. They talk about Revolvers and knifes.But then Tony comes in and reduces ...

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