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SAN DIEGO Last year I had the opportunity to go to San Diego. With Sabrina I could stay in a very hospitally family for three weeks. San Diego, which is located in the farthest south-west close to the mexican border, historically was the first nodal point in the old spanish-California. San Diego is the biggest city in California ( after Los Angeles) and numbers more than one million inhabitants. In spite of the quite big expansion San Diego has kept it s noble small-town-character with several districts: for instance OLD TOWN, CORONADO, POINT LOMA, MISSION BEACH and LA JOLLY. In the beautiful countryside of S.D.-County the geographical manysidedness of beaches, mountain-forests and deserts can be seen. San Diego got it s nickname Sportstown USA because it owns a lot of sportclubs. The famous JACK MURPHY STADION is the headquarter of the PADRES-BASEBALLTEAM, THE CHARGERS and THE SOCKERS. More than 60 golf-links are in S.D.-County, just as a great number of NATIONALPARKS and THE CLEVELAND- NATIONAL- FOREST. Also the SAN DIEGO ZOO is a big tourist- attraction. More than 70 miles P AZIFIC-COAST are a real paradise for all kinds of water- sports. To LOS ANGELES you have to drive about two and a half hours by car although the lanes of the freeways are very big. The climate in S.D. is sunny, warm and dry, with an average temperature of 70 degrees FAHRENHEIT. When I was there it only rained once in 3 weeks. Also the art- and culture-lifestyle in S.D. should be pronounced. .. San ...

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