Lingard, Joan: The Twelfth Day of July

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BOOK REPORT: Title and author: The Twelfth Day of July by Joan Lingard: Fiction Joan Lingard was born in Edinburgh in 1932 and lived in Belfast between the ages of two and eighteen. She trained as a teacher at Moray House College of Education and worked in Scotland. She lives in Edinburgh. She has written more than twenty childrens books, and eleven adult novels. Several of her books have been adapted for television. Liams Daughter (1963); The Prevailing Wind (1964); The Tide Comes In (1966); The Headmaster (1967); A Sort of Freedom (1968); The Lord on our Side (1970); The Twelfth Day of July (1970); Frying as Usual (1971); Across the Barricades (1972); Into Exile (1973); The Clearance (1974); A Proper Place (1975); The Resettling (1975); Hostages to Fortune (1976); The Pilgrimage (1976); The Reunion (1977); Snake among the Sunflowers (1977); The Second Flowering of Emily Mountjoy (1979); The File on Fraulein Berg (1980); Strangers in the House (1981); Greenyards (1981); The Winter Visitor (1983); Sisters by Rite (1984); Reasonable Doubts (1986); The Freedom Machine (1986); The Guilty Party (1987); Rags and Riches (1988); Tug of War (1989); The Womens House (1989); Glad Rags (1990); Can You Find Sammy the Hamster? (1990); Morag And The Lamb (1991); Secrets And Surprises (1991); Between Two Worlds (1991); Hands off our School (1992); Night Fires (1993); After Colette (1993); Loopy Lucy and Clever Clive (1993); The Womens House; Sisters By Rite. Settings: The book is first ...

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