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Hispanics The U.S. is confronted with major demographic changes today. For instance the Hispanics will be the nations largest minority in 2050. They will make up 1 quarter of the population. In some regions they will be the majority. Hispanics have their routs in 21 differnet countries, they prefer beeing called Latinos. The question today is, if the Hispanics will integrade into the American society like all the past immigrant groups. America is a melting pot of nations. Pesimists say, they will remain seperate, because of their language they will reject citizenship. They will form islands of alien culture. The Republicans are for a 70 reduction of immigrations. America has to absorb and to intigrate Hispanics and to teach them the language, culture and traditions. The Hispanics themselfs are not sure, if the group will develop in the future. Some of them say that in future generations the feeling of seperate identity will fade. Others say they will always identity as Hispanics. They won t change or integrate They will never melt into the mainstream. An other obstacles keeping Hispanics from assimilating is the education gap. Other reasons are racism, the need for kids to work and there is a lack of parential education and also their living conditions. A better educations would be helpfull to integrate them. More over they will influence American life and culture. They hold many positions in politics and important positions. They are influencing American cuisine. If the ...

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