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Space Exploration Spezialgebiet in Englisch Jakob Huber Table of contents Introduction page 2 1. The Sputnik Shock page 2 2. The Mercury Project page 3 2.1. What was Mercury about? 2.2. Mission History 2.3. The importance of Mercury 3. Twins in space: Gemini page 4 3.1. Just another step on the way to the Moon? 3.2. Important Missions 4. From the Earth to the Moon page 6 4.1. From the Earth to the Moon 4.2. The Missions that Made History 5. Other Apollo Missions page 8 5.1. Skylab 5.2. Apollo-Soyuz 6. Revolution in space: the Space Shuttle page 9 6.1. The Design of the Space Shuttle 6.2. Shuttle Missions 7. The Mir Space Station page 11 Bibliography page 12 Introduction The stars have always fascinated us. This fascination was probably born when the first human directed his eyes into the nightly sky. Of course, these ancient peoples had no idea of the nature of the stars, so they made up fantastic myths about the stars. They believed to see constellations in the stars, and even found rules how one could predict the future by looking at them. For thousands of years these believes have hardly changed. Finally, at the dawn of the modern age, thinkers, such as Copernicus and Kepler, were able to reveal more secrets about the star, but still no sane being thought that it would be possible to travel to the stars or at least to the Moon. The first time that such a thought was discussed when Jules Verne wrote his visionary book From the Earth to the Moon. It was not before the end ...

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