Restaurants in my town - Brochure and guidebook entries

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Brochure and guidebook entries

Restaurants in my town
There is a wide range of very exclusive and unique restaurants in my town. However, as a student it is essential to know, where you can meet other young people, so that you do not end up at a “Bingo- Club”. For such youngsters we have two highly recommendable options.

No trip to Vienna would be complete without a visit to these cosy bars. You can enjoy a relaxing time with your friends over there, having a coffee or a delicious cocktail. Furthermore there is a long list of little “club snacks” such as sandwiches or appetizing desserts you can choose of. Whatever you decide to order, you get crisps, popcorn and salty nuts for free- this is special and typical at Köö.

Nevertheless, if sitting around and chatting with your mates is not enough,use the billiards facilities and rent a table plus equipment for just 5 Euros per hour. Moreover you can play darts or make use of the music wending machine to rock ‘n’ roll.

Coffeeshop Company
Also the Coffeeshop Companies have a comfortable atmosphere, however they are preferably used for take away. The busiest periods are in the morning, when students are on their way to university and they need some breakfast and in the afternoon after their classes. At that time though customers rather choose to stay, because then they come in work groups to study or just enjoy a little coffee break. Admittedly the coffees and snacks are rather expensive, but you can use wireless internet access for free, which makes this place especially attractive for students.

Both restaurants are certainly worth checking out. At either place you can spend a nice time with your friends, no matter if you want to have fun, study or maybe even meet to pick up some breakfast.

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