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Information sheet

Dragonfly Inn Hotels

Health and safety procedures
The company is very concerned about the safety of its employees at their working place. It absolutely aims to prevent accidents beforehand. However, if they do happen there are also strategies to make everything safe as soon as possible again. In any case please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines:

Avoidance of work related mishap
It is absolutely crucial that you fulfill your work carefully. This means that you should not just be concerned about yourself, what´s more you always have to bear in mind, that there are work colleagues and especially guests next to you. Nevertheless we advise to work as a team, not just on your own, because four eyes always see more than just two.

In case of emergency
If, however, the worst occurs and a mistake happens, it is absolutely crucial that you inform the security chef Henry Olsen during the day from 8am to 6pm and for the night shift report the circumstances to the portiere, which usually is Sam Michaelson. We highly recommend you to react fast as it regards other people’s life.

Guidelines in the event of a fire

  • Your first step should be to inform the security chef of the portiere to call the fire brigade.
  • Be absolutely sure that no guest stays in his or her room (on your first working day you get a map of the hotel as well as a plan of rescuing teams for each floor)
  • Try to close all windows and doors. (this of course depends on the stage of the fire)

We appreciate your cooperation.