McDonalds - The story of success

McDonald s und die Geschichte des Erfolges, outfit, Business Model, history, Referat, Hausaufgabe, McDonalds - The story of success
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McDonald’s – The story of success


  • Founder: Richard and Maurice McDonald’s
  • Fist McDonald’s -15. may 1940 in San Bernardino, Californian
  • First European branch 21. August 1971 in Zaandam (Nederland)
  • also in Germany
  • 4. December 1971 - first in Germany (Munich)
  • Germany central office in Munich
  • East Germany summer 1990 in Plauen (Saxony)

The story of success

  • at first a very fast method for burger making also self-service
  • Ray Kroc made McDonald’s very successful
  • strategy partners e.g. Coca-Cola-Company, Disney (Happy Meal)
  • Biggest buyer of Coca-products
  • 31.000 restaurants in 100 countries
  • Germany, France; Britain – biggest European National markets
  • 2003 very interested in sporty things (football, Olympic Games)
    • Not wanted image of sickly fast-food chain
    • Makes more for healthy food in his chains e.g. “Salads plus” / tofu Burger “Veggie Burger” (only USA)
  • “Hamburger University” in Oak Brook, Illinois (USA)
  • Biggest business competition “BURGER KING”

McDonald’s and more


  • McDonald’s Restaurants
  • McDrive
  • 1975 in the city Sirra Vista, Arizona
  • Germany 1980 in Ludwigsburg
  • McWalk / McStop
  • McCafé
  • 1993 in Australia
  • Germany 2003 in Cologne
    • Most in airports, train stations
    • Only as “Shop in Shop”

Other ideas and trials

  • McTrain
  • restaurant in a dining-car of a train
  • McPlane
  • McBus
  • McHotel (was projected at the airport of Zurich)

The outfit of McDonald’s

  • A modern legend the concern had calculated
    • Yellow, red makes people go fast out of the restaurant making place for other people
  • Other copied the style e.g. Shell
  • topical branches e.g. of football or the 1950th

Business Model

  • money with franchising-fees and the lease of the restaurants
  • restaurants are ready to use
  • lease of one square meter are higher than in the financial district of Frankfurt
  • McDonald’s make more money with the lease then with burger!!!
  • Success abates in the last years!!