Eating meat is murder

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Eating meat is murder

I’ve heard a friend of mine saying: “Eating meat is murder.” Well this topic is really interesting and I think evereyone should think about it.

On the one hand this statement is right because animals are often holded under really teribble conditions: Animals don’t become very old, when thousands of them are in a small room. They don’t see the sun, only artificial light, they don’t have the room they need, the best example for this are chickens, which are holded in (legebatterien) with 450 qcm for everyone, animals, who don’t have the room, they need, become aggressive and bite each other and they aren’t able to sleep normal, because the light shines 16 hours a day.

On the other hand meat is not really murder, because murder is a very violent art of killing someone/something and there are laws, that forbid tormenting animals without reasons, so this accusation is wrong, anmials are always anaesthezided, before killed. By the way, the art of battery farming, which gets the most critic, the (legebatterien) are only allowed until 2012 so this problem will be solved in an few years. And why should people get the accusation they murder animals, when animals do the same? Snakes eat their victims when they still live, that is violent! .You can also not speak of murder because it’s “mouthrobbery” (heißt das so?), we need the proteines that are conclused in the meat, especially children, how else should they get the nutrients?

After weighing these arguments, I come to the conclusion, that eating meat is not really murder, but I think you should share it better out.

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