Human Species Split In Two (BBC News)

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BBC NEWS – INTERNET BLOG - Human species may split in two

The BBC NEWS article‚ “Human species may split in two” by the evolutionary theorist Oliver Curry, is about the human race in 100,000 years. People will become picky about their sexual partners and differ in their classes. The genetic upper class for example will be slender, flourishing, smart and gorgeous while the genetic lower class will be stupid and hideous. But some changes are even more drastic.

In about 1,000 years, human will be up to 6 to 7 feet tall, which is equal to 1,80 to 2,10 meter. The average height today in Germany is about 5,7 feet (1,71 meter). However, not only will height change, but also the physical appearance. According to Curry’s article, people will be very picky at choosing their partners, which will lead to ‘genetic inequality (...) and two sub-species, gracile and robust’ . In the future, men will get more facial attributes, cube-like chops, ‘deeper voices’ , and look more muscular. Women will have less bodyhair, soft dermin, beautiful big eyes, shiny hair and ‘even features’ . On the other hand, human could also get serious health problems, because the creed in medicine is so strong that our immune system gets weaker and weaker. Moreover, the chance to find a medicine to avoid cancer, for example, is extremly little. We try to prevent death, but how can we find an appliance against cancer if we have nothing to experiment with? In years to come, our world population ‘could come to resemble domesticated animals’ . We could loose a lot of our social skills such as sympathy, love, communication, trust, respect and more, which will lead to the development of antisocial and lonely people. Additionally, how can we have friends if we are unable to care for each other? How can we have families without love?

In my opinion, a world, like it’s being discribed by Oliver Curry, is hard and difficult to keep up with. In life, people need to be social or they have no chance to survive. Emperor Friedrich II wanted to know if human beings can survive without physical contact and love by separating a certain number of infants from their moms and giving them to nurses. The nurses were told to just feed and clean the babies – no contact, caresses or talking. In the end all the babies died, because not only one needs food, but more importantly love and attention. In conclusion, I think it can be said that if we try to change ourselves so much like we do now, we won’t be able to keep on living earth for long. We try to perfect and focus on ourselves too much, thus leading to a lack of interest in others or the possibility of loosing our social skills to love and care, like Curry warned. Experiments in the 13th century already showed that we won’t survive without love, and I honestly don’t think that we can survive (regarding all the causes Curry already said) if we don’t stop focusing on ourselves!