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Nowadays more and more pupils in German schools take drugs. According to the magazine „Spiegel“ 11% of the 15-year-old teenagers regularly smoke Cannabis and 23% have already tried it. The problem is similar with ecstasy. Why do adolescents take these drugs? Possible reasons can be private problems, a lot of stress everyday, the influence of friends and the desire to do what is illegal. Furthermore the number of consumers of amphetamines has been rising up during the past years mainly in the big cities. Teenagers think that they have to resist against the hard everyday life in the city and try this by taking amphetamines to strengthen their bodies.

Now I want to give you some details about drugs. Most drugs are divided into 3 categories:

  • Sedative
  • Stimulating
  • Hallucinogenous

Cannabis cannot be related to one of these groups. What is more the effect of other drugs can be enforced by Cannabis. If it is smoked the effect often appears 10 –15 minutes later, if you take it orally it can last up to 2 hours. A Cannabis intoxication takes about 2 hours, when eating it up to 8 hours. Cannabis is differentiated in 3 groups:

  • Marihuana (blossoms und leaves)
  • Hashish (resin)
  • Hempseed oil (concentrate)

Hempseed can be smoked, eaten or drunk. It is smoked in form of joints, a bong or a waterpipe. It is taken orally as biscuits or cakes and drunk in form of tea. The addiction to cannabis is psychic. The addict has depressions and is restless, there are no physical symptoms.

Ecstasy is clearly a stimulating drug. It can be taken in form of pills, tablets and capsules and it is the modern party drug. It is a chemical drug which was developed end of the 80ies when the techno culture emerged.The effect of Ecstasy appears mostly 20 minutes after taking it. It increases the pulse and creates a feeling of uncertainty, which dissapears within the next few minutes. The effect also depens on the surrounding. If it is quiet you want to talk with others or you become absorbed in your „own world“ if the music is loud you have the feeling to dance or the desire to move at least. Furthermore you get more sympathy for other people. You do not feel tired, hungry or thursty anymore. Therefore the consumers are often overheated, because they dance a lot, have a higher body temperature and don´t drink anything. These effects last for about 2 to 4 hours.

LSD belongs to the hallucinogenous drugs. It is mostly extracted from the „ergot“, which is a mushroom. You can get it as tablets or as a fluid dropped on felt pieces, blotting-paper, pictures, pieces of sugar and much more. The effect starts 20 to 60 minutes after taking it and is a massive changed perception. There are hallucinations, loss of personality, illusions, loss of the time feeling and the feeling of being freed from one´s body. Positive and also negative feelings are enforced. Strong light is disturbing. After 3 hours the effect is on its highest point and after 8 to 12 hours it is gone completely. When consuming LSD often you can become strongly psychically addicted.

Cocaine belongs to the stimulating drugs. You can buy it as powder or tablets, which have to be crushed. Cocaine is extracted from the leaves of the coca bush. The effect is divided into two parts ,,The High” and “The Down”. After taken it the blood pressure increases and you can feel no cold, warmth, no hunger and no tiredness. You are talkative and stimulated. These feelings last for about one hour and then follows ,,The Down”. Your are strained, tired and excitable. Cocain leads to a very high psychic addiction.

Heroin is definitely a sedative. It is extracted from Opium. Heroin will be injected into the venes, but it also can be smoked. The consumer becomes physically and psychically addicted and after a year of taking this drug he needs about three shots a day. After taking it all negative feelings like fear or problems are blocked. If the addict can´t get Heroin his body shows certain symptoms like vomitting, sweatening, fever, cramps etc. This is an extremely dangerous drug and every year young people die of an overdose.

In my opinion it is very important to enforce information of teenagers about the negative effects of drugs especially in schools, by the media and at home by their parents to prevent them from becoming addicted. 

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