The Passive 2

The Passive 2, Englisch, Referat, Hausaufgabe, The Passive 2
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The Passive 2
As you have noticed,there are a lot of Passive form in the reports.
Simple Present: Some People are still trapped in the building.
Simple Past: Three firemen were injured.
Present Perfect: Some workers have been rescued by firemen.
Past Perfect: The people who had been trapped were rescued.
Will-Future: A conference will be held this evening.
Subjekt + form of + Past + by-agent
"be" Pariciple

Passive with
auxiliaries: Tree firemen had to be taken to hospital.
Not everyone could be rescued.
Subjekt + Auxiliaries + "be" + Past Participle
PP:Past Participle

Passivsätze (Passive Sentences)

The Tower of London fascinates all visitors.

All visitors are fascinated by the Tower of London.

S be PP agent
80 People are trapped in the building.
S be PP
3 firemen were injured.
S be PP by agent
Most people have been rescued by firemen.
S be PP
87 people had been trapped .
S be PP agent
A conference will be held this evening.
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