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What elements of Do androids dream of electric sheep translate well into

The book Do Androids dream of electric sheep is the sort of science fiction
story that has several elements which can be put into film. One element of
this book that goes well into film is the setting in particular the
infrastructure. It is set in the futuristic Los Angles it is a place with
big tall skyscrapers and virtual cities inside buildings this can be seen on
the front cover of the book. The concept of having towns inside huge
buildings has been used before in many Science fiction films. The most
notable of which I Believe is 2001 a space odessy. Although it is not a huge
part of the film early in the movie we see a shot of a space station
orbiting the earth in this space station there is a type futuristic city.
This was a revolutionary idea in its time. Although the two cities are
completely different it is the concept of having cities inside these
futuristic worlds which always translates well into film. Another classic
example is the death star in the Star Wars trilogy. There are many other
elements of the futuristic cities, which translate well into film things
such as flying cars which were used in the film blade runner.

There is an important question that is asked in this book that works well on
film. That is that this book questions reality it asks us the question how
do we know what is real and what is not. On the screen this sort deep moral
question has the capicity to catch the audiences attention and keep them
interested. An example of this is 2001 a space odessy.
In this movie our view on what reality is is questioned. Another film, which
demonstrates this well but in another way, is the Matrix. The plot is very
deep this usually means that people either like the film or hate it. This
has been the case with some of the most acclaimed films of our time. So if
Do Androids dream of electric sheep is in any way similar to films such as
2001 and the Matrix it would a matter of personal opinion as to weather it
translates well into film.

The idea of the character Rick Deckard translates well into film. Rick
Deckard has the image of the typical cop who is the best at what he does but
he has had enough and he agrees to come back to do this last mission because
they need him. Deckard’s interaction with the Androids is interesting his
job simply is to retire them and the way Deckard and the other characters
refer to them and interact with them is really different.

The idea of memories is looked at closely in this book. This is demonstrated
in the part where Rachel finds out that she is a Android. She finds out in
this moment that everything she has known was a sham this gives a whole new
meaning to her so called life and it also makes all of as question reality.
This section leaves the reader confused. There is not nearly enough emphasis
on this section in the book. This could be demonstrated much better in film
where more time could be spent on it. If it was done in film the viewer
would more easily be able to understand Rachel’s feeling because we would be
actually able to see her reactions and we would be able to appreciate this
as a key moment in the whole story.

The concept of having Androids is something which has been used in many
films before most notably the Terminator parts 1 and 2. Androids that look
like humans always go well on screen they help to generate the audiences
imagination especially when faced the situation when you cant tell who are
Androids and who are humans this situation arises quite a few times in the
book. In the book the Androids are being hunted by Rick Deckard often the
reader ends up feeling sorry for the Androids as all they want to do is lead
a normal life on earth. The Androids in this book are very advanced to the
point where they can experience emotion. This leads us to the moral question
of if they can feel emotion why cant they be considered to be alive. This
the sort of question that you have to answer your self it really is a matter
of opinion. Questions like this work well on the big screen because it makes
it clearer than it does if you were reading it. It is very easy to miss
things like this in a book.

Do Androids dream of electric sheep is the sort of novel which a film can
very easily accompany. This was demonstrated in the movie blade runner which
was based on this novel but did not follow the story line exactly. This book
deals with very deep moral issues which leaves asking questions about
reality an ourselves. It is the sort of science fiction book that will be
better understood on the big screen where people can see what is going on
and take more in.
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