Political parties in the USA

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Political parties in the United States of America There are two important political parties and this two parties share all the seats in congress. To be exact, the Republican party has the majority in the congress, but President Bill Clinton is a Democrat. So these two institutions are able to control each other. But the Democrats are stronger, 20 of the Americans consider themselves as Republicans and 50 say that they would support the Democratic party. The rest can not be counted to one nor to the other party. The history of the Democratic party: The Democratic party is the older of the two major political parties. There was an internal party conflict between the Federalists under the presidents Washington and John Adams, but the antifederalistic line under Thomas Jefferson was stronger and the party is based on his points of view. The Antifederalists soon called themselves Democratic-Republicans or Jeffersonians and in 1840 they adopted the name Democratic Party . The modern version of this party was established by President Andrew Jackson, who became president in 1824: he focused the unity of the interests inside his party. He denied sovereignty to the states and was heavily attacked by his own party´s members. They finally agreed to reduce the power of the states, but to allow them to decide about some special issues of their own, for example about slavery. His follower James Polk won a war against Mexico and bought some pieces of land from the United States. Then the ...

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