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Palfinger is the world-wide leading name for high-tech cranes today. A name you find on all continents and on all oceans, too. Palfinger began in the 50ies like many other companies, but it succeeded because of its more intelligent systems. The philosophy of Palfinger is to keep looking for the better solution always. Palfinger is never satisfied with what is called the state of the art. The world of Palfinger is the intelligent moving of heavy goods. The firm Palfinger was founded as a repair workshop in Schärding in Upper Austria by Mr. Richard Palfinger in 1932. The first crane was built in 1959, in Salzburg. The success story began in 1964, when the 23-year-old engineer Hubert Palfinger took over the company. He introduced the specialisation in the production of hydraulic vehicle cranes. 2 years later, a series of cranes was produced for the first time. The fast development of the Austrian market was followed by the first exports to Switzerland and France. From 1974 until today, 6 new factories were founded. Today, the Palfinger Group is the worldwide leader in the manufacturing of hydraulic loading cranes in all classes. The group builds marine cranes, cranes for railway and military, stationary cranes, bridge inspection units and farm cranes. With more than 150 basic units Palfinger offers the world s largest loading crane range and each crane is available with a large range of optional equipments. With thousands of variations, Palfinger can build the perfect crane ...

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