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Gymnasium Erding Schuljahr 1999 2000 Lk 2E1, KS 12 2 Michael Eschbaumer Richard M. Nixon Richard Milhous Nixon was the 37th president of the United States (1969-1974). He was the only U.S. president ever to resign from office. He left the presidency on August 9, 1974, while facing almost certain impeachment for his involvement in the Watergate political scandal. Early life (1913-1946) Richard Milhous Nixon was born on a lemon farm in Yorba Linda, CA on January 9, 1913. He studied at Whittier College and at Duke University School of Law, Durham, NC. In 1937, he began to practise law in Whittier, CA. In 1940 he married Thelma Catherine Patricia Ryan; they had two children, Patricia and Julie. After the outbreak of World War II Nixon worked for the wartime Office of Price Administration from January to August, 1946. He then served in the Navy until January, 1946, when he was discharged with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Early political career and years of defeat (1946-1962) Nixon entered politics in 1946. His aggressive campaigning soon established his reputation as an outspoken anti-Communist. Nixon successfully opposed the Democratic incumbent for the post of a Representative from California. He was re-elected in 1948. He became nationally knwon for his work with the House Committee on Un-American Activities and, in 1950, Nixon easily won election as Senator from California. Nixon`s success won him the admiration of party leaders across the country. Nominated as Dwight ...

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