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Network Topologies First of all I want to describe what a network topology is. A network topology is a structure of connections between computers. There are three standard topologies: à BUS-topology à STAR-topology à RING-topology and one structure with which I can mix the standard topologies: à TREE-topology BUS TOPOLOGY A BUS-topology is the easiest and most common structure. There exists one main cable which is called Backbone or Bus . Every computer in the network is connected to the Bus with a so called T-component. At the two ends of the Bus are end resistants for the termination. That is important because if a computer signal comes to the end of the bus it would be reflected and the other signals would be overlapped. Data transmission: One computer wants to send a message two another computer. It sends the message package and destination address of the computer which sends the message, over the bus. Each computer compares the destination address with his own address. If the address is the same the computer knows that the message is for him. One important fact is that just one computer can send at the same time. Advantages: à a BUS-topology is easy to administer low cable consumption Disadvantage: à if the main cable is broken the network breaks down à just one message can be sent at the same time STAR-TOPOLOGY A STAR-topology consists of one central node (e.g. mainframe, HUB) and the workstations. If today someone use a STAR-topology he will use a HUB because it is ...

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