The Full Monty

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The Full Monty The Story is laid in Sheffield, 25 years after the big successful industrial time. The biggest problem today in Sheffield is the unemployment. The leading actors are: Gaz and his son Neven. Gaz needs money, to get the custody back from his wife to live together with Neven. David is the best friend of Gaz and is a little bit bulbous. Most of the time they are spending together. Lomber has a lot of problems and is very depressed . Horse is a funny guy and tries always to walk the walls up. He has no really talents but he has a big Willie, he therefore got his nick name. Gerald is a very serious man and is the oldest member of the group. And Biringten, who is a very good brake-dancer and the only coloured member of the group. All actors are unemployed. Gaz, David and Neven don t know what they should do with their time, and so they are make a lot of silly things. One evening, they climbed illegal into a man strip entertainment. Gaz brought up the idea, that he also could strip with some friends, to get the money for the custody. So Gaz and David began to train. One day, they helped a man, who wanted to kill himself because he has a lot of problems. The man, who is called Lomber, became a member of the group. They went every day to the job center to find some work. One day a man, whose name is Gerald Arthur Cooper, was touch and go to get a job but David and Gaz destroyed his chance. After a big quarrel and some discussions Gerald joined the group. They tried to ...

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