Are mobile phones dangerous?

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Report in English: Topic: Are mobile phones dangerous?? Introduction: Nearly every person in our country has a mobile phone and nearly everybody uses it. I think that everybody does not know, how they work, furthermore which negative aspects itself has. I believe that the people do not know everything about such technical details and they were not enlighten. As much university scientists had a good look at this topic and thought in a critically way and they came to a conclusion: many mobile phones x-rays our country more than enough. In my view, I think this is like living in a constant threat. In fact, many of you do not know about the danger of their little Strahlemann and so I come to this conclusion, that I tell you a little bit about our x-rayed world. Our nice black things are beaming (strahlen) at us Since 1997 the crowd (Ansturm) against the radiation emperor began. An Australian scientist developed a technique to measure the radiation which the phones send into the world. But this was very expensive and it was to difficult to get this. Until know this scientist measured the radiation from 16 industrial mobile phones and gave the readings to the press. And so our lovely scientist made himself some nice enemies, but the authorities of health were very interested in this technique. But the economy was against it WHY?? The firms are very interested in economy and so they do not think about to built the mobile phone more healthy friendlier. In this case this is to ...

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