Steinbeck, John: Of mice and men

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Of mice and men The story takes place in the early years of amerika and tells about the love two men can feel for another. These two men work on farms. One inarticulate, dumb, sometimes violent in his need, the other clever, hopefully and feels responsible for the other. The name of the intelligent one is george. The other is named Lennie, he is disabled since his birth. Lennie is silly but strong, that s one reason why george takes lennie with him. The other reson is that he promised lennies aunt clara to look after lennie when she is dead. Lennie always gets problems because of his stupidity. He likes soft things and specialy to pet animals. He doesn t know how to use his (kraft) and kills often the animals he pets because he can t let off them. He doesn t want to kill and don t understand what he is doing. After they got problems on their old farm they took a new job in another region on a new farm. There they met an old men named Candy. George told him about his dream of a little farm of his own and that Lennie and him are saving money for this reason. Candy told him that he has the same dream and that he has got money. George thought that if all 3 of them work there for a month they will have enough money to realize their dream. Everyday george had to tell lennie what they will have on their farm because Lennie was fallen in love with this imagination. Evrything went good and Lennie got a little puppy from his boss. One day he was sitting in the stable in front of the ...

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