Steinbeck, John: Of mice and men

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by Thomas Cik 9.10.1999 Bookreport: OF MICE AND MEN Author: John Steinbeck. 1902 1968 He is one of the most famous American authors of our century. Most of his books and plays were quite humorous and full of social criticism. His most famous books are The Grapes of Wrath and Tortilla Flat. In 1962 he got the Nobel-prize for literature. Title: Of Mice and Men Date of publication: 1966, by William Heinemann Plot synopsis: Lennie and George are two farmhands. They travel through the country, working on farms. They travel together and take care of each other. George is little but clever whereas Lenny is tall but stupid. They have a dream that keeps them alive. They want to have their own farm, with rabbits and cows. But whenever they seem to be doing fine, Lennie gets into truble. This time it seems as if their dream will become true, they have most of the money they need to buy a farm. But then Lennie gets into trouble and accidentally kills the owner´s son´s wife. George is afraid that the other men will kill Lennie if they find him, so he mercifully shoots him at the river where their journey started from. Main characters: Lennie: He is a big and strong but gentle man with the brain of a four-year-old child. He grew up in the same village as George. After his mother´s death he was living with his aunt. As she died he and George went to work on farms. Lennie´s dream is to look after the rabbits on the farm that he and George will buy some day. Lennie often gets into trouble ...

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