John Grisham in regard to the Mafia

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John Grisham in regard to the Mafia Novels by John Grisham: The Client The Pelican Brief The Client Mario Puzzo: The Godfather Nicholas Pileggi: Goodfellas The Client by John Grisham In this story, written by John Grisham, the eleven-year old Mark Sway unwillingly makes the acquaintance of a Mafia - lawyer. The man, before killing himself, tells Mark where a hot body is buried. His client, a killer of the Mafia, shot a US senator and hid the body. Only the lawyer knows where it is hidden and fears that the killer would also want to murder him, now that he knows everything. On the other hand, also after him is the FBI, who need the body for their investigation, they already know that his client is the killer. But as the American law says: no body no trial. And, what makes the matter even worse, the FBI is already laughed into the face by the public. So they need the body like nothing else in the world. Before committing suicide he talks to know Mark, who is out in the woods together with his younger brother Ricky, who is nine years old. The lawyer had seen Mark crawling around in the woods and watching him, even taking the hose out of the car s exhaust pipe. He grabs him and tells him that he wants Mark to die together with him. When Mark does not stop asking for the cause of his suicide and his own death he starts to tell him his the story. Now he wants to shoot himself after Mark that is why talks so openly with him, telling Mark also where the body is hidden. But Mark is ...

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