Shakespeare, William: King Lear

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King Lear Author: William Shakespeare was born in Stratford on Avon in 1564 (April 26). He was the son of a wealthy tradesman of political influence. In 1582 he married Anne Hathaway, who was eight years older than him. In 1586 he went to London, leaving his wife and children in Stratford. He died there on April 23rd 1616. Famous works: Romeo and Juliet, King Henry IV, King Henry VIII and many others more. The drama King Lear was written in 1605 06. Persons: Lear King of Britain; an impatient, hot tempered man Goneril eldest daughter; wife of the Duke of Albang Regan second daughter; wife of the Duke of Cornwall Cordelia youngest daughter; wife of the King of France Earl of Gloucester Edmund his bastard son Earl of Kent Fool King Lear: dominating character, is self confident and high handed; he is too hot tempered; Has no judge of men and is very impatient. His contempt of men is the most Striking attribute. Fools: In Shakespeare s works and plays: are the guides through the plays and interpret the Truth. They are the clever and wise characters and not the others. Story: King Lear divides his kingdom among. Daughters according to their affection. Only the King of France, marries her later, and the Earl of Kent protect her. Lear banishes his friend the Earl. Edmunds want his brother s possession. He writes a letter, which convinces the Earl that Edgar is planning to murder him. Edgar must flee. In the meantime Goneril treats her father with disrespect and reduces the number ...

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