Democracy versus the Melting Pot

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Kallen: Democracy versus the Melting Pot 1. AMERICA - a unison - melting pot (Anglo-Saxon tradition) or - a harmony - plurality 2. The government has to create conditions, where every cultural group has a chance to live its life. 3. Ancestors Vorfahren determine our way of living and how we search happiness. We develop towards a rational society. 4. He discribes an ideal society, where every nation is able to live peacefully. Mayo-Smith 1. He sees problem swith the integration of immigrants. - they do not want to integrate into American society, they want their own culture - there are too many immigrants 2. He sees integrative forces - economic prosperity (Wohlstand, Reichtum) - practice of free political institution - the dominance of one language the English - intermarriage (marriage between different communities) He sees a great future for the U.S. if - the people must really be united - the U.S. filter the emigrants (no dregs) The non-ethnic minorities in Britain Expel the English 1. Introduction (ll. 1-24) - author says how important his subject is England will be destroyed if people do not listen - man of duty; kindly, scholarly (gebildet); fond of tigers and children under 3 - speaker legitimizes himself and introduces his subject Different aspects of the problem (ll. 25 bis 149) - umemployment - solution: expel the English, because they have been here long enough - historical background: - the English are immigrants themselves - too high a rate of procreation ...

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