Psychedelic drugs and the literature of Aldous Huxley

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Psychedelic drugs and the literature of Aldous Huxley PhantasticaPsychedelic and mind-expending 1 drugs always had a great impact on people. They were used both in high and low developed cultures and influenced all kinds of art. Also literature and even architecture were affected by them. Because of their effects such drugs are called Phantastica or Hallucinogens. When you want to separate drugs into two main groups, you will have to distinguish Hallucinogens like pot, cannabis or synthetic products like LSD and Narcotica. The most dangerous drugs like cocaine and heroin, but also alcohol and nicotine belong to the group of Narcotica. The use of such drugs leads both to physical and psychical dependence. On the other hand the Phantastica lead definitely to no physical dependence, nor in most of all cases to psychical. This doesn t mean that these drugs are harmless. The danger is the damage of mind and soul when using them unprepared. So in nearly every country law makes no difference between these two main types and prohibits drugs in general. Magic PlantsWhen Indians use Psychedelic drugs in their rites and ceremonies, they gain it mainly from seldom plants. The best known is the Mexican Mescal-Cactus or Peyote as the Indians call it. In the 19th century the science s interest in this plant grew. The first attempts to extract the active substance 2 weren t successful. But later it was managed to synthetisize the substance, called mescaline. Although this effort of ...

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